Chelsea Floor Coverings

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Chelsea Floor Coverings


139-41 19thStreet, New York, NY 10011





Dennis Bosco Jr.

Elevate Your Expectations


Chelsea Floor Covering (CFC) is one of the top flooring companies in the New York Metro area, combining competitive pricing and vast resources with an unparalleled dedication to quality of design and customer service. CFC’s experienced team of flooring specialists services a wide variety of professionals in the flooring industry, including end-users, general contractors, architects / designers and owner’s representatives. Our loyal client base includes household names such as New York University, Gallian’s and Barnes & Noble, as well as a host of other satisfied clients in Manhattan and beyond.



CFC was founded on the notion that long-term success is built on quality relationships with every client, and it starts the moment you first walk through our door. Each and every CFC customer is immediately assigned an Account Representative from our industry-leading team. This individual serves as the point person for every facet of your projects, from estimating and materials acquisition all the way through the final walk-through and the billing process. With a single CFC associate assigned to oversee their entire range of projects, clients can rest assured that they will not find themselves lost in the shuffle of a disorganized jumble of consultants, contractors and customer service departments. Every CFC customer can be fully confident that the company understands their concerns and will work hard to see that the job gets done thoroughly and to their specifications.


CFC’s flexibility and experienced, creative install team allows us to meet and exceed any design and architectural demands of a given project. Be it a major university or a high-end residential project, we can assure that each job will be approached with the same diligent, prudent focus that has come to be associated with the name “Chelsea Floor Covering.”


Over the years, CFC has had the pleasure of doing business with such notable and prominent clients such as New York University, Gallian’s and Barnes & Noble. Yet we bring the same dedication and sense of purpose to hundreds of smaller projects each year as well. Thanks to our emphasis upon one-on-one relationships, every client receives the attention that they deserve, benefiting their peace of mind – and their bottom line.