Newhouse Restoration

Newhouse Restoration

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New House Restoration


15 Litt St., East Patchogue





Josh Newhouse

We provide personalized service, working hand in hand with your team to ensure no detail is overlooked to turn your vision into a reality.

After being in the electrical field for many years, I decided to take on a position with a restoration company that I knew nothing about.  I started from the bottom.  I learned everything there was to know about water damage, fire, soot, mold and asbestos in a home.  I took all of my knowledge and field experince and with everything in my heart we opened up Newhouse Restoration.

Newhouse Restoration is a family owned business that is committed to serving our homeowners. Your home and personal content will be treated like it is ours. We know how devestating and stressful it can be to have something tragic happen to your home. We have been hands on with every job.   A owner of our comapny will be there from start to finish, we will even help with calling your insurnace company..  

“Taking your damaged OLDhouse and making it a NEWhouse with Newhouse Restoration”

Josh Newhouse – wtr , frt , cct , amrt : NY state mold cert , Lead super cert , Asbestos super cert.