M. Jesus Construction

M. Jesus Construction

M. Jesus Construction

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M. Jesus Construction


18 Munsell Road, Medford, NY 11763





Ryan Marto

Precision. Professionalism. Project First. 

 Project First Focus

The focus of a contractor is typically on the “bottom line.” We focus on the needs of the project above all else to ensure that owners get the products they need and deserve each and every time.

 40 Years Experience

We have been in business since 1981. Our acute focus on education, people, clients, and technology have helped us deliver each and every time.

 Leverage Technology

The firm believes technology is the future of construction and we have leaned into that belief with tech. and software programs that promote communication, transparency, and execution amongst our team and clients.

 Effective Team Work

Our firm truly puts its people above all else. At M. Jesus Construction our team knows that nobody is here as a “body” for just this project and they return the favor through education and buying into company culture.